Your employee handbooks and your contracts are arguably two of the most foundational types of documents for your business. As a result, it’s important that you get them right; they should be clear, concise, and tailored to meet your business’s needs. And while you can save some time and money by using form documents you found on the internet, the reality is that those documents will fail you when you need them most. Invest in your business and reach out to Erdal Employment Law to draft the documents you need.

Employment Handbooks

While you are not required by law to have an employee handbook, these booklets can nevertheless serve several key purposes:

  • They establish expectations for your employees. You can use your handbook to articulate important aspects of your business’s culture regarding the timeliness, dress code, safety, timekeeping, and reporting of incidents.
  • They communicate important policies. Your employee handbook should include all of your key policies, such as your discrimination and harassment policies, your attendance and leave policies, your drug and alcohol policies, your IT security policy, and your disciplinary policy.
  • They summarize your benefits. Your handbook can include an overview of the benefits you provide, such as how and when employees become eligible, what happens to their benefits when employees leave the company and important points of contact for outside firms that may manage these benefits.
  • They protect you against liability. Your employment handbook is essentially a record of your efforts to communicate your policies and expectations and an attempt to treat your employees fairly.

A poorly drafted employment handbook can almost be worse than no handbook at all. Similarly, failure to follow your own handbook can create additional problems. We work with small and medium-sized businesses as well as government agencies to review, revise, or develop new handbooks and then ensure that they are fully implemented.

New Jersey and New York Employment Contracts

From executive contracts to your standard employment agreement, getting the right contracts in place is the best way to ensure a fruitful employer-employee relationship. One-sided or ambiguous contracts can strain these relationships at critical times, and even worse, they can compromise the protections that you thought the contract would provide. Unfortunately, the shortcomings of these contracts typically become apparent when they are being challenged.

We work with businesses to draft and negotiate contracts that are clear, fair for both sides, and provide the protections your business needs. We make sure that your contracts are tailored to meet your needs and comply with all the legal requirements of the jurisdictions where you do business.

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Whether you just need a second set of eyes or are looking to modernize your business, Erdal Employment Law can help you develop and implement the handbook and contracts you need. We take the time to work side by side with you to develop the documents you need so that you can move forward with confidence. To talk about your needs and how we can help, contact us to schedule a free consultation.