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And the Court did not overturn the verdict.

Employers that do not address employment discrimination or harassment claims are left potentially liable for such a significant result. The plaintiff’s attorney put it this way:

“FedEx was constantly changing Ms. Harris’s goals or moving Ms. Harris’s accounts around so that it would negatively affect Ms. Harris’s sales…When the discrimination began, FedEx artificially set Ms. Harris’s [sales] quota too high based on a customer that was moved out of her district to another district.”

Please, make sure that you not only have proper employment policies in place (e.g. anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, anti-retaliation policies), but that they are followed and enforced. Also, a viable complaint process is necessary for employees to lodge their concerns. It is then incumbent on the employer to conduct an investigation of any claims that employees may file regarding discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex, race, disability, or any other protected class.

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