Employees are entitled to be paid for their work. Unfortunately, employees are often subjected to overtime and other wage violations, and it can be difficult for employees to know what to do. If you believe that you are owed overtime, or other wages, an employment lawyer from Erdal Employment Law can help you with your claim.

New Jersey and New York Overtime Claims Are More Complicated Than You Expect

Under federal law, employees are entitled to compensation above their regular hourly wage if they work more than 40 hours per week. In most cases, this means that you should be paid “time-and-a-half,” which seems straightforward. In practice, however, the process can become far more complicated. Some of the issues that we can help address include the following:

  • Your employer paid you for overtime hours but at your regular hourly rate
  • Your employer didn’t pay you for overtime at all, claiming that it wasn’t authorized
  • Your employer claims you worked only 40 hours but required you to work through lunch or breaks
  • Your employer required you to do “off-the-clock work” before or after your shift

If your employer is refusing to pay you overtime wages that you believe you deserve, an experienced employment lawyer can help you pursue your claim.

Your Damages in an Overtime Claim

Many employees choose not to pursue a wage claim because they feel that it simply isn’t worth the effort. Before making any decisions about whether to pursue a claim, you should first understand what compensation you may be entitled to:

  • The unpaid pages that you are owed
  • Interest
  • Other penalties
  • Your attorney’s fees

The last element – your attorney’s fees – is a strong incentive to pursue a claim. If you pursue your claim and win, you won’t be responsible for any legal fees or costs.

Have You Been Misclassified?

Only non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime pay. One of the common issues in overtime claims is whether an employee has been misclassified as exempt by their employer in order to avoid paying overtime wages. For example, your employer may claim that you are an independent contractor or that you fall under the “computer-related” exemption from minimum and overtime wage laws. Misclassification issues are very complex, so you should contact an employment lawyer to discuss your claim if you believe you have been misclassified as exempt from overtime pay.

Other Types of Wage Claims

At Erdal Employment Law, we have extensive experience in helping employees get the compensation they deserve. We handle all types of wage claims, including the following:

  • Bonus and commission claims
  • Equal Pay Act violations (unequal pay for equal or substantially similar work)
  • Compensation for employees who work for tips
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Underpayment of wages
  • Late payment of wages

You should contact an employment lawyer as soon as possible if you believe you are not receiving the compensation you deserve.

Unpaid Overtime or Other Wages? Contact New Jersey and New York Erdal Employment Law Today

Employees deserve to be treated fairly, especially when it comes to their compensation. If you believe that you are owed overtime or other wages, contact us to schedule a free consultation – we’ll discuss your claim and how we can help.